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Our readers can best be described as active martial artists who are knowledgeable, discerning, experienced, and committed. While their demographics are broad, a very large number are professionals with above average education and income.


Attendees at recent CFA Okinawa Budokan seminars represent an actual sample of our readership and included: attorneys, business owners, a community organizer, company secretary, electrical engineer, high school principal, mechanical engineer, physician, police officer, professional karate instructors, a software engineer, students, a stockbroker, surgeon, translator, and writer.


In the past our readers have favored high quality items especially books, DVDs and items of personal equipment. They exhibit strong brand loyalty, generate high transaction averages, and very few returns.


Display advertising rates for Classical Fighting Arts magazine

Back page full color. One time $2,500 Four times $2,250


Full Page 7” x 9”One Time $950
Four Times $850


Half Page Horizontal 7” x 4.5”One Time $550
Four Times $475

Half Page Vertical 3.5” x 9”One Time $550
Four Times $475

One Third Horizontal 7” x 3”One Time $450
Four Times $360

One Third Vertical 3.5” x 9”One Time $450
Four Times $360

One Quarter 3.5” x 4.5”One Time $355
Four Times $300

One Sixth 3.5” x 3”One Time $300
Four Times $250

One Eighth 3.5” x 2.25”One Time $245
Four Times $200

One Sixteenth 3.5” x 1.25”One Time $190
Four Times $160




Display advertising artwork should be submitted as Adobe InDesign (Macintosh) or PDF files. Payment in all cases (display & classified) is required in advance – artwork and payment must be received at the latest, two weeks before press time.


We reserve the right to refuse advertising that is, in our opinion, unsuitable for publication in our magazine.


Dojo Directory

At just $85 per listing, this is a convenient, economical, and effective way of promoting your dojo. The standardized format makes creating an advert very easy, and helps you to avoid missing any important details that potential students need to know.


One Time $85
Four Times $75

News & Updates

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Vol. 3 No.5 Issue #55


Classical Fighting Arts Magazine

From Vol. 2 No.27 (Issue #50) the volume number of CFA magazine was changed to reflect the fact that we had a new distributor. However the Issue number runs consecutively, so the current issue, is Vol. 3 No.5 (Issue #55). To avoid confusion, in future we will identify specific magazines by its issue number.


CFA magazine is also available from Barnes & Noble, Hastings, and many other fine book stores. For a complete list please click here.


CFA Seminars in Japan & Okinawa

Fall 2018

September 29th – October 9th


The Okinawa Prefectural Budokan, Naha City, Okinawa.


Accepting applications now for all events at or by calling: (818) 889-3856

and by e-mail:



Classical Fighting Arts magazine Vol 3 #6 Issue 56 is currently in production.


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